Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More from Destin, FL

Today has been great! No more minor accidents and since we all got a good night’s sleep we were all bright eyed this morning. Tyler did make a batch or margaritas (his “from scratch” kind are insanely good if you want the recipe let me know) but we went to bed instead of drinking them. Wow, did I just say that? To bed instead of drinking on vacation? And you know I am actually only surprised that I am surprised because that was the “grown-up” and “sensible” thing to do but would have never happened in my 20’s. I digress. A fully rested hubs got up this morning and got to work on the site so that I could bring you the “Features” that you see now. And then we all got dressed and hit the beach for some fun in the sand and sun. It was a gorgeous day and between the walking, swimming and digging we are all spent! Yes, the girls are napping as we speak.

When we were out today I noticed some things that I wanted to mention. We did take drinks and snacks to the beach but this did NOT, again I said, did NOT include ANY alcohol! We are really different from the way we were.
More importantly I wanted to share with you some things that we did that worked well in case you could benefit.
1. I have some friends who take wagons to the beach to haul their stuff onto the sand. We took our Mountain Buggy stroller (that we love) and piled the stuff on it that we wanted to haul and that worked better because of the “all terrain” tires. Not to mention you could also put a kid in it if need be.
2. You should make sure that your kids have hats and/or sunglasses which is something I did not know the importance of but my ophthalmologist friend enlightened me on this. I hope to have her write for the site monthly.
3. And I LOVE spray sunscreen. It is awesome for those reapplications when the kids are in and out of the water so much. My girls were out in the sun all morning and were not at all red when we got in!
4. Their flotation devices are the best. See what Andira has on? Everywhere I go mothers ask me where I got them because the kids are so comfortable in the water with that stuff on. I bought theirs at Costco and T.J.Maxx and since both places can be hit or miss I found out they are made by Swimways.
5. One more thing I wanted to mention about traveling with kids. A dear friend of mine, Gwen who you will meet later as well, gave me a fold-up, portable toilet seat! It is awesome. I have never seen another one like it but I found a site where you can find what you need.

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