Sunday, August 2, 2009

Days 1-2 of Atlanta/Destin, FL trip

Whew! Kids are asleep finally! It is Sunday 8/2 (day 2 of our vacation) and this is the first nap the girls have had since Friday afternoon! Now, we do need to take into consideration any cat napping they did in the car since we have driven a total of 10 hours to get here, and they did dose in and out a little but then there is always hubbie to keep happy while he is so valiantly driving us all to our next destination. So this is the only time I have had just me and my computer (and you). I had not planned on chronicling my entire vacation but since I find myself in search or therapy and since writing and talking to other mothers about what a crappy mom I think I am at the time always seems to faithfully lead me back to solace, here I am. Won’t you take a seat and listen?

I will catch you up to this point on Sunday and then hopefully be more regular in my writing and my photos. We left home (Advance, NC) on Friday afternoon around 5:30. Well, bad timing. I was driving so my smarty pants husband could get us all connected to the web (we bought a Sprint card that will give you wireless internet access to the web anywhere you get a cell signal; awesome huh?) so at least that was good. I usually don’t lose my cool over traffic and since he was messing with a computer he was pacified somewhat also. The kids did great on our almost 6 hour trip to Atlanta where we stopped for the night.

We got to the Marriot Marquis in Atlanta without trouble. Unfortunately, the kids did not seem to be as comfortable in our hotel room as they had been in the car which made for a long night of Inara kicking me, Andira, and her sister as we all played the all too familiar game of musical beds. It was probably around 2 am before my husband and I were able to get any rest. In spite of the turbulent night we were all so happy to be there that when we got up in the morning we were all smiles. Down to breakfast we headed on our way out to the Aquarium. I have to tell you that I have traveled pretty extensively and eaten at many different places but the breakfast buffet here was the best I have ever seen. Kids under 12 eat free and the package we bought included our breakfast and the Aquarium tickets so it was a good deal too. The girls got to try things they may not otherwise have tried and with the great selection of food they ate to my satisfaction. Tyler and I also ate to our heart’s content.

The hotel was really nice and only an 8 minute walk from the Georgia Aquarium so we decided to walk. I would recommend doing this but would advise that if you do then be sure and take strollers. We were glad we had them. The girls had so much fun that we were there for almost 3 hours! The Georgia Aquarium has earned its reputation for the best in the world! It was spectacular! Needless to say that we were all pretty tired after that so we got in the car and started the rest of the way to Destin.

We got here late last night and the kids were finally in bed at 11:00 pm central time. You might think that they slept in this morning because maybe your kids act more like normal people and when they go to bed late then they wake up late. If this is the case then #1 don’t tell me and #2 consider yourself very lucky because mine don’t. Never have and probably never will until the day comes that I want them to wake up because they have chores or something to do. So we were up early as usual.

This would be an appropriate time to refer you to the descriptions I have written for you about all of us. It is the post right under this one called “Meet My Family”. Read the one about Inara. Ok, done? So with that in mind I will describe for you what sent me close to the edge today. We are in a condo with tile floors. Well, tile equals slick. There are also couches in here with cushions that the girls feel they must toss down onto the tile floor despite repeated attempts by Tyler and I to keep them on the couches…you following me?...So Inara proceeds to step on the cushions and comes very close several times to slipping on the very hard tile floor. Now, I go to grab one of the cushions and I don’t know what happened first but I essentially grab the cushion out from under her hand and cause her to fall face first onto this tile floor.

Thank goodness that now I am feeling better since I have the chance to write about it but if you are a mother reading this I know you can imagine how horrible I felt. I immediately pick her up and am comforted by the fact that I did not see blood but…the corner of her front tooth is chipped. Yes, I, her mother, the one who is supposed to be protecting her, caused her to fall and chip her tooth. That is what caused me to decide to chronicle this trip. I needed therapy.

All I could think about once the initial shock and tears wore off was of all the other mothers out there, my friends, who would tell me how it is OK because “you would never believe what I did” or “what so and so did” and that would at least make me feel like less of a crappy mom. I still do feel like a crappy mom but am starting to feel better. On the bright side you can’t tell it is chipped because even though it is her front tooth, oh yes, did I mention that? Yes, it is my 19 month old daughter’s front tooth that I chipped. You can’t tell because the chip is so small (the photo is ppost accident). I think the bigger chip is in my heart for knowing I did that to her. BUT you cannot dwell on these things because that will only make it worse so here I am writing to you which is helping me tremendously and I am going to be happy because I have two beautiful girls, and amazing husband and more days of R&R with all of them.

And…they are still asleep…

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